#Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mandela

They called him a freedom fighter, but that’s not how I remember him

I never once looked at him as someone who wanted to do such a thing

The only thing I saw was a man standing tall in the midst of strife

Relentless in his belief that bowing to injustice isn’t life

All I heard was a voice filled with the dreams of others

As he saw the world with eyes, made to believe in his brothers

This is what I saw, not a man fighting for something as vague as freedom

Instead looking at the world as it is, and then deciding what needs to be done

Understanding that history guides the passions of humanity

Enough of a leader to see that those roads would have left the world empty

All I saw was a man who decided to act in the face of adversity

A man who saw racist laws as nothing more than words of insanity

Fighting where others simply bowed in fear

Rushing towards conflict, while other tried to remain clear

Not a hero, not a freedom fighter but a man standing for something

A man believing in something greater than himself

His belief didn’t falter, of course it received cracks along the years

But it never broke, regardless of the pain, regardless of the tears

And that is what I saw

That is what made me believe, that sometimes fighting the standard is necessary

When a so called democracy is telling you that you are nothing but secondary

Everyone focusses on the man, but no one looks at who he was fighting

No one dares to glance at the people who were creating the situation in which he was residing

But we praise a man standing up

As we should, for many bow down and remain stuck

Never believing they can stand tall, unless someone shows them how to

This is what a man like Nelson Mandela was born to do

Inspire those unable to recognize their own worth

Motivate those who lost their way in a world divided by lies

Bring together those, who through the sands of time lost their ties

Be a beacon of light, shining through the darkness created by those we can’t mention

Be one to admire, be one to emulate, the one to dim the tension

This is who he was, this is who we remember

But I never looked at him as a freedom fighter



I wanted to make sure I paid my proper respect to the man and the legend. And what better way could I do that than writing a piece for him. After reading about him, and of course watching the documentaries I felt like I got a better understanding of the man and what he stood for. And I wanted to make sure I translated that into this piece, which I affectionately called #Mandela An Ode To Nelson Mandela.

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