Week 17 Social Media Experiment Results


Views: 142

Subscriptions: 174

So I wasnt able to be super creative with the vids this time around, but I decided to do some random stuff, since I kind of couldnt do what I wanted to do. But it seems to have worked out, as I might be getting some hits in through them, but hey I said it was an experiment so I can try this out as well right?.


Followers: 518

So I finally broke through that darn 500 roof, and now its time to get it poppin with the 600 barrier. Not much we can do till we get there but smile and push through.


Followers: 75

I am getting a lot more likes if I post on the right times, and if I make sure to use the proper hashtags and everything. But all in all, I need to make sure I stay on point with this one as well.


Fan Page Likes: 137

Which kind of makes it official that FB isnt the spot for me, but this experiment was made to get me to focus, so I am not giving up just yet. So in case you want to stay up to date on what I do, follow me on FaceBook to get me some more hits.

Overall Experience

Losing the office hit me harder than I thought, because my creativity had once again needed to take a few steps back. Which kind of kills motivation, and that directly influences the stuff I put out. But yeah, I dont give up, its just that I have to regroup and rethink the stuff I can do with this. But yeah all in all another long week with small wins, while waiting for that big one to come by. But this experiment has taught me some stuff, and I have to admit that I like being busy with my own stuff like this for so long.