Ladies and gentleman, I am not here to convince you of anything, Im not here to tell you how to act, think or feel. Im not here to push my perspective upon you. Im here to ask you to look around. Stop being in front of your screen, put your phone back in your pocket, and look up instead of down. And enjoy the beauty that is around you. Your senses have been nullified to the point that you don’t even see the rays of the sun as a thing of beauty. Watch flowers dance to a beat only the wind knows. When was the last time you actually sat in a park and enjoyed what was around you. Listened to the rain tick, and not wait for your phone to go off. Im asking you, when was the last time you went outside, for the sake of being outside.
We have become so obsessed with purpose that we forget to enjoy. We have been consumed by technology to the point that some of us cant even be alone for 5 minutes with nothing but our own thoughts. Its impossible for them, and I ask you, is that truly who we are?
Is that truly who you are? So afraid of being bored, so scared of thinking your own thoughts, that you would rather drown in your phone than look at the beauty around you. The hue of a sky about to cry, or the smell of a flower, you pass by everyday but never noticed. I am asking you, is this truly what you can enjoying life.
When all the little things now consist of selfies, Instagram and whatever messenger is hot at the moment. There is so much beauty in the world, but those who refuse to look will never see it. They will never feel the electricity that sleeps in the air, they will never soak in all the colors that surround them. They can never sit and simply BE in the moment. The world moves at a pace, internet will never agree to. Don’t blindly follow whatever they put in front of you, don’t wait for a marketing campaign that tells you that nature is beautiful, for you to realize it.
Because slowly but surely, we are breaking her down. A few more generations and it will be no more. So create memories with what surrounds you, but don’t forget the beauty that is always there for you.