Week 16 Social Media Experiment Results


Video Hits: 504

Subscriptions: 172

So I did this funny vid, and it got a nice feedback from a bunch of folks. And you know that I like having those kind of vids.


Followers: 74

Now that I am this far, I kind of want to have that DAMN 1oo likes now … its been forever I feel like I deserve that.


Fan Page Likes: 137

This one didnt move an inch … almost makes me sad … almost, if this wasnt the Week 16 Social Media Experiment Results I would have beeen mad.


Followers: 497

So I was on 500 a few days ago, but it seems that I lost a few followers, which is too bad, but hey … there are more than a few other out there that I can still get to follow me right?

Overall Experience

I kind of forgot to do this on time, because well … I was busy with some other creative stuff. But yeah here you go with this one, and keep in mind that I am still busy looking for that one. But yeah, we have now been looking for chances that we have overlooked to improve the overall quality of the site and of course the amount of visitors that it draws. Because we have a lot of knowledge, but we are lacking in the actual practice of the thing. So this will end the Week 16 Social Media Experiment Results and be sure to look at next weeks as well. At the end of this I will show you the actual proof of how much the effort gave results. Because the theory of using the internet to get famous seems to be based on luck.