Poem: Am I Truly Losing Myself?

Its past where i can see it
Its beyond recovery, its outside of my grasp
Its restricting my breathing its a clutch my heart can shake
I’ve felt like this before, but my focus never stood here
I missed the point right after i decided to blink
I forgot it the moment i decided to think
Stopping was never in my plans but neither was going forward
Its just that i miss loving life
Its just that i always felt u could do more
Be more, or simply dream bigger, its past where i thought it could me
It inst about missing my chance
Its about creating something so good my chance will be mad it missed me
I will write till the stars dim and the darkness consumes all
I will proudly make mistakes, and be happy when i fall
I never once considered giving up i never once wanted to look back
But lately my neck feels heavy
My body feels slow, i think I’m losing myself
I just don’t know to what



Sometimes its as if the world is so much stronger than you. Its at those times that you have to tell yourself to be strong. You have to pick yourself up and make sure you stay focused. Keep looking ahead and make sure that noone or nothing can stop you from getting where you want to be. I always try to be better than I was, but its hard because at times its as if all my hard work is for nothing. And that is what this poem is all about. To make sure you know that you arent alone, in this world where motivation and dedication dont often mean you get what you deserve, and even if this poem doesnt make it all the way, its still a poem Im glad I made.

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The Pieces of my broken vision