Lets switch it up a bit, and lets do some battle type things. This is more me just talking smack than anything else.

Battle Verse One

your verses are like your grades they need work so why you stressing//
I crucefix you with these verses so you can say I gave you a lyrical blessing//
you dont wanna fight cause then your gonna start to sweat//
and you not showering this morning is just gonna increasy that smelly effect//
DAWG//dont make me act like your daddy…fucking you from behind//
face the facts putting ya autograph on a cd cover doesnt mean your signed//
eat mcs for lunch dinner and breakfist//(fast I know)
pie on ya face so now you got a reason to be PISSED//
your flow is like your breath it stinks//
between wack & crap weak & lame you must be the missing links//
think twice before stepping to me//
before I tell everybody you find Joy in Sucking cocks for FREE//
and dont denie in our last fight you started to run//
while YOU was holding tha gun//
your mum couldnt make children so she took a shit and called it a son//
and if you dont want beef you better make sure MY homework is also done