Poem: Will you ever…

Will you ever forgive me
Will you know about the pain that sits in my heart
Or will you simply decide to look at my words and pick what you feel fits
Have you ever stood in the shoes of those who hurt you
Have you ever seen the illusion called honesty
Selfish desires should never force someone else
Now smile and enjoy stories told from lips which never kissed the truth
Greet fantasies with stares of disgust fir stories often get twisted with imagination
Have you ever seen the moon shine brighter than the sun
Have you ever stood infront of yourself and felt the need to run
Be afraid of who you, but accept it
Never forget that you made your past as you make your future
It was never about me was it?
It was always about you
So why should i care if you forgive me
Know that i rest with a heart at peace
Know that i flew with inspiration that wouldnt cease
Play the game as you deem fit
And keep in mind that you can always quit



With age comes regret, and with regret comes doubt. And sometimes you doubt if certain people will forgive you for certain things you have done. But all in all, most people dont even try to stand in your shoes while they judge your actions. So being forgiven is often an act of someone trying to understand why you did and then coming to that understanding. But alas all in all, most people only to want to see it from their perspective. So this poem was made, to show people that a poem can be more than simple words about losing someone, poetry is for all and everything, trying writing your own poem.

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