Poem: Who told you it needed one?

It was right after hello
We whispered goodbye, knowing that the feeling in our stomach was more than pain
We weren’t ready
But some words never get spoken
Some promises never get made, its what keeps you human
But passion, no … Love can fail you harder than any sentence can heal
Its beyond the beauty of a mind lost in words, its right there in front of you
Crying … Begging for attention
But not one plea is heard
Not one scream is answered
The pain of creativity as it suffocates under the sheets of security cant be measured
Have some decency to see that the world doesn’t need another one
It needs you … See that unknown feeling, have that sixth sense scratch the back if your mind, till the point you cant think straight
Fly, no walk, no dream
Sit and plot but not long enough for your legs to fall asleep
Please join me in feeling incomplete
Having your every cell tell you something is wrong
Join me in feeling less … Not lesser than anyone you see
But lesser than what you know you can be
Hoping that when you prove you deserve it … The world is gracious enough to give it to you
Feel my sorrow, as it belongs to you as well … The world never cared
Its hard to be happy when you have a sense of impending doom you cant shake
And no matter the amount of motivation, dedication or simple perseverance you throw … It wont break
I need help … I cant do this alone
Don’t say goodbye just yet