Story: There She Lay Pt.2

I kiss her lower back and make my way up
Im on top of her back as I whisper “I wanna fuck”
She looks me in my eyes I softly kiss her lips
As she slowly but surely gyrates her hips
I follow the melody and kiss her in her neck
One hand slides down to feel if she is wet
As one finger reaches its goal her eyes set a new mood
A glance, a look which cannot be misunderstood
I raise up to take my shirt and pants off
She turns around I get back down her body is so soft
I slowly spread her legs and get in between
I lick the middle of her upper lip a scene to be seen
I slowly let my hands go down to take off her thong
And as if its meant to be another appropriate song
“Joe – Love Scene”


So yeah, we could give you guys the whole story, but the thing with that is that its a pretty long story. But just because this is the Story: There She Lay Pt.2, doesnt mean its anyless sexy. So I felt that breaking it up into sections and giving it to you guys piece by piece would just make it easier for you. Since the internet made it so that people cant focus for too long. I wonder if that will translate into other issues for humanity down the road. But nevertheless we are sure that you guys will at least enjoy the final chapters that come out, of this Story: There She Lay Pt.2 and the next few parts. And on a quick side note, you can read the whole piece incase you are inclined to do so.

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