Poem: Have you ever loved it?

Have you ever loved it to a point where words just became a nuisance

Where patience just got in the way, because you wanted it all the time

Have you ever dreamed about it so much sleep became nothing more than a gateway

And you have to focus to NOT think about it, and that becomes a game you and your mind play

Have you ever wanted it so bad, that you know its wrong to do

But it didnt matter as long as you got that feeling coming through

Have you ever loved it … not needed it

Not wanted it, not craved it, but loved it

Have all those senses of belonging mashed up into one being

A being that sits with you, whether you want it to or not

A being that will whisper to you, will continue even if you ask him to stop

Have you ever loved it so much, words such as family or married didnt matter

Have you ever loved it so much, that standards as right or wrong just fade into nothing

Have you ever loved it so much, that simply thinking about it, becomes something

Something that makes you smile, something that makes you anxious, something that makes it worth it

It doesnt care about your past, your present or what dreams you still cant forget

All that matters is you … Have you ever loved that?

Have you ever loved something in your corner, right or wrong

My question is …

Have you ever loved it?