Story: There She Lay Pt.1

She lays on the bed her body emits words unsaid
Her eyes tell tales of adventures not lead
As I ask if she would like a massage
She smiles with a grin that is a homage
To everything that is to come as this is the prelude to fun
As I glance at her back I take a moment and pause
My tongue slides over my bottom lip, her frame the cause

As I warm the oil in my palms I resume my calm
And start to rub her delicate flesh as I think of a psalm
“Thou shall fornicate”
For 15 minutes I maintain my sober state
But as her spine is warm and relaxed
I intend to get drunk on the emotions she tries to mask
I once again grab the oil to continue my hands song
As I glide down to her lower back I feel her thong
Black laced and placed in between cheeks of delight
Music in the back ground our bodies twiddling in the moonlight
I pull down her pants as I see this as a opportune chance
She doesn’t say a word thus saying continue on with the dance
As she lays there with her body shining in nothing but a thong
I now hear the appropriate song
“Case – Sex Games”