Story: 15 Years Wasted

It started with a spark, cupids arrow hit its mark
What was once so bright now sleeps in the dark
We see a broken reflection, pure pain its eyes mention
Windows to the soul, so a soulful confession
Tears walk down her cheek slowly but surely
One after another they creep, we watch her weep
It has been 15 years, since these tears collected themselves to be saved
Waiting for a day that their escape was paved
When hope and happiness they could rip apart
No pain is equal to that of a broken heart


ok so I started this one, but I didnt finish it at the time. So now I want to know if you guys consider this worthy enough a beginning to make it into a whole piece. Let me know by dropping a comment. Because some stories are worth being completed, and some stories will have a finish so darn epic even I might be amazed by it. But right now I dont have a clear cut view of how this story will develop, but I do have a few angles that I could use, and each one of them is pretty dawp. And as a story: 15 years wasted, does feel like a love story gone wrong, and there are so many damn situations that could end in, because love is that one emotion that is ruining humanity. But in case you do want to read some good stories about how love can go wrong, go take a look at the beauty which is called my books. But even if we finish this story: 15 years wasted and put it in the book is questionable though. But I am sure that this story will be another epic one fit for the books.