Poem: Amazing

Hi, how you doing, my name is Vino and I’m looking for something amazing
I don’t know if you have found it, but I would like to have it
So if you’re done with it, don’t throw it away, please just pass it along
Now I know it might sound weird, maybe even wrong
But no one ever told me that I could be exceptional
No one ever told me that I could have something amazing
All they ever told me was that I could be a man
All they ever saw in my future is that I could be a grown up
Go to school, get a degree, get a job, earn money, start a family and live happily ever after
I went to school, I got my bachelor’s degree, matter of fact I got two
But I wasn’t able to get a job, so I was unable to follow through
So what was I supposed to do?
Sit here waiting, I couldn’t do that, so I decided to look for something amazing
Because school is nothing more than an old concept made to prepare you
For jobs that are no longer relevant
Most schools kill creativity, and make outcasts out of anyone unique
Imagination isn’t needed when you need to remember things you will never use
Before looking at what you could learn, look at what you could lose
My fantasy used to flow through my pen
Until I was told that my desk wasn’t made for drawing
Exactly when did we tell our children that dreaming is such a bad thing
Creativity isn’t necessary for the system you are going in
So get rid of it, instead learn numbers and white history
Chasing your passion isn’t what they teach, and that is insanity
Youre not supposed to get amazing in this world we live in
You’re supposed to get standard, normal, you must be ordinary
But what they don’t tell you is that those who don’t become legendary
Give me back the world I saw when I was a child
When possibilities where left and right
And you didn’t get killed after a fight
Tomorrow isn’t what it used to be
The future seems less bright, damn near empty
But I’m certain something amazing will fill it right back up
So I’m looking through every corner of creativity it might hide in
While those around me, keep telling me I need to grow up
But is acting like a kid really such a bad thing
Kids love their life
How many adults can say the same thing
Desperately clinging to any sense of safety
Working at a job they hate
Studying a profession they don’t even know if they want
Waiting for something amazing to slap them in the face
And give them all the answers they were waiting for
But I can’t wait anymore
I’m looking for it
So if you have something amazing, no matter what it is
Cherish it, because so many of us are wandering, lost, chasing something they can’t define
Simple because someone told them to leave that possibility behind
But I’m not giving up, I’m not chasing a dream, I’m working towards a goal
Leaving everything behind, till I cross that unseen finish line
Then I will look back with my soul still intact
And with a smile on my broken face
But till that day, I will stand here screaming
I’m looking for something amazing
Does anyone here have it for me
No, then I guess I will have to keep looking