Story: Wrong Party

Let me just walk away I don’t need beef today//
I came to the party to dance chill and play//
why the hell this dude acting all rude//
didn’t know it was his chick but I aint gun let him ruin my mood//
shit a gunshot I aint waiting for the body to drop//
the fear in my body must be the reason why my right side feel so hot//
I still gotta move why aint my legs running//
as I look down I see my body is gushing//
blood…its soaking my shirt//
I’m about to die but why doesn’t it hurt//
it must be the shock that paralyzed my body//
as I lose my eye sight I see everybody running for me//
as I grab my wound everything goes black//
certain memories enter my mind as I’m about to fall to my back//
why did I have to scream at my mother//
why wasn’t I never nice to my little brother//
always had to say no and get out my room//
I hope that isn’t how he remembers me as I now travel to the moon//
from all the females I used and abused//
to all those who wanted to love me but I refused//
I now leave this earth not knowing what love was about//
no this can’t be but I don’t have enough air in my body for me to shout//
as I feel my body giving it up//
a light emerges from nowhere and lifts me up//
as I open the door in front of me I see nothing but flames//
and I hear a thousand screams scream a thousand names//
as the door locks a voice welcomes me home//
a smile on my face cause even though I am where I am
I know now I will never be alone