Poem: It was her

She moved my pen and made it dance the tango
She spoke to my restrictions and whispered let go
Unknowingly she gracefully inspired me
Igniting a passion gently yet forcefully
No wall could withstand her might
No corner could escape her sight
She motivated me
Reflections of history shimmer through her glance
Our drive intertwined until it was declared to be a romance
This is our world
We speak through words unknown
We have dialogues with sentences unspoken
We leave common sense twisted and normal broken
My dark wants her in, my light wants her to win
My ego wants to overcome, my compassion whispers my time is done
She motivated me
Her words painted a picture on a canvas stolen from angels
Her style made books close themselves
And she … has the audacity to tell me that I am on equal footing
But mere numbers clarify for me that she is lying
But who cares … SHE motivated me
An occurrence, a miracle, a wonder an event only reserved for a few
But this is what geniuses do
They inspire to create, they leave you in a state of awe
And while certain lines will punch your jaw
A real genius leaves you seated in a chair of dumbfounded
And this is what she does to me …
She motivated me
So when my work exceeds the boundaries of reality
When my words bring gods to their knees to plea
When my pieces make the sky crumble
When my sentences dim the stars
When my titles are written with clouds
Tell the next generation it was not my fault
It was her