The week has once again come to an end and so we go back to the Week 8 Social Media Experiment Results. And it was another valid week, that strengthens my position on certain topics, and showed me once again that walking alone could VERY WELL be the only option for people like. Dont get me wrong, I wont back stab anyone, or step on them on my way up, but I do seem to be the only one with a certain amount of drive to achieve the desired result. But yeah, that isnt necessarily why we are here right now, so lets get to the results of what is good.


This weeks video hits: 6 (yes 6)

Subscriptions: 160 (plus 2)

This is the second month I am doing this, and if I dont find me a good vid or a good concept to roll with, I wont have a DAMN thing at the end of this whole experiment. So lets just hope that the upcoming month will be better, because I dont like being stuck in a bad place like this for too long.


Followers: 284 (from 213 last week, so that is a nice raise if you ask me)

So by the end of next week, I should be on 300 followers, and that is a nice way up if you ask me. Its only been 2 months, and CLEARLY this medium is giving me the best results. Lets hope the rest will soon follow suit.

Weeks End: 25 (from 40 last week, but I get the feeling that google is playing games with me)

I dont know if google is that trust worthy when it comes to these statistics, because my site is telling me something totally different. But yeah, we dropped again on this one. I might have to revisit my current strategy of marketing all this to make sure everything goes up.


Followers: 35 (from 35, no change)

So there is no change in my followers, but since I switched from simple pictures to quotes from my book, I did see a significant raise in my pic likes, and that my dear friends is worth something as well.


Fan Page Likes: 136 (from last weeks 132)

Seriously, I might REALLY switch from asking people to offering them some sort of trade, because this asking and them not doing is SERIOUSLY getting on all my bad nerves at the same DAMN TIME!!!

Overall Experience

My main problem is that I cant really depend on people, because if they let me down, I tend not to ask them for stuff or depend on them anymore. So I will have to ONCE again find a way to do it all myself … I wish I could clone me and work with me to make stuff happen. Or maybe one of those IRobot type deals where it can help me out … yeah that would be awesome. But yeah, other than that, another week gone by, and nothing special happened … I hate normal.