Poem: Amazing

I was planning on turning this video into a whole spectacle of video effects, where I was actually looking for the word amazing. And you could see me find and go past all these other words that you would see on screen. But due to the fact that the footage was so darn shaky, I either had to reshoot it, or just give up on making it, and just keep the idea for when I had a better/steadier hand to film it for me. Either way, that is way this vid is the way it is … it was going to be epic … but instead … yeah. And you cant blame people for doing what they did when you didnt pay them. But its just sad that some people dont take your stuff serious enough to create something dope for you. But yeah this Poem: Amazing would have been truly a work of art. Instead of this video that I dont even expect to get more hits than 50.