Do Vs. Think

Do Vs. Think is a concept that I have been struggling with for a LONG time. For some reason I always seem to find myself in situations with people, who WANT a lot and TALK a good game and to a certain extent even make some preparations to DO stuff but never actually get around to DOING anything. So every time this happens to me, I get vexed, and I wanted to warn people of the dangers that is mixing these two kinds of people together. And trust me people, regardless of what relationship you used to have with the people who you get this with, it will frustrate the heck out of you. Because at the end of the day, business is done by working and not by thinking, and some people just KEEP forgetting that. And what I hate the most is when people think too much and come up with nonsense excuses to NOT do something that could be worthwhile. And even if it wasnt profitable it wouldnt reduce the actual business but instead could be considered a valid learning experience. But yeah some people tend to listen to OTHER people who have had a streak of luck and expect that exact same luck to transfer to others if they do what they did … how frustrating people who cant think for themselves can be.