Story: My children’s children

I placed my faith and hope in my legacy
Prayed they wouldn’t inherit my sick insanity
But my wishes reached a so it seems deaf ear
Or maybe life enjoys giving you what you fear
For years and years I had to hide my ill will
I enjoyed painful tears and had a urge to kill
But never did I indulge in that sick a fantasy
I stayed put in a place my mind called sanity
But my seed … he also had this curse
Compared to mine his was worse
Downloading snuff movies and torture clips even though I said no
Every night I sat and hoped he would just download porno
Tortured our dog … burned his entire ant farm
His eyes reflected murder but his expressions remained calm
But he too never took that final step to the dark
But his son … just by coming near stopped my dogs bark
My grandchild is pure insanity … me times two
Not human but a entity … my son feels it too
At the age of 16 he comes home with blood on his hands
He enters my dream sleeps in my dome I do feel damned
I feel it’s my fault feel I am to blame
Know what he is capable of he and I are the same
But he has lost his little voice that little piece of humanity
He will make that choice and he and I are family
So when he finally does decide to cross that line
I will accept him and his choice cause we are one mind
But something crept in my head like the horse of troy
And it scared me more than anything in existence
I think I would be proud of the boy
For doing what I couldn’t do in a lifetime in one instance