This is the Week 7 Social Media Experiment Results and its been an eventful week, not as eventful as I would want it to be, but hey dont complain when you are working on something. But yeah the overall feel for this is getting easier as we go along. So yeah, pretty soon I will try to see if I can change it up with some good things along the line. But yeah lets get to these results you are dying to know.


This weeks video hits: 27 (I wanna change this up a bit, and just focus on the two that came out that week. And Ill try to do the all round hits at the end of the month.)

Subscriptions: 158 (I went one up … yup just one)

Ok so youtube was what I expected it to be, It seems the core audience for this stuff still hasnt found me, but hey its ok, they will someday and when they do, it will be AWESOME. Ah the idle talk of a man lost in hope.


Followers: 213 (from 169 last week, and that is a GOOD upwards number if you ask me)

Yeah the amount of retweets, and favorites wasnt as coo as it was, and maybe I should take that into account as well. But the problem with that is, is that its TOO much work. But hey it could still function … so maybe. And on a side note, I wanted to have 200 by this week, and now I have 200 … that is a nice feeling. It truly is.

Weeks End: 40 (from 33 last week, so thats a good look, even if its just a little.)

So yeah, the coo thing about the site is that it DOES collect everything, and this week around it the site had an exclusive that we didnt show the rest of the world just yet. But yeah you should and could just enjoy what I put up here, because god darnit this is a lot of work people … a LOT!


Followers: 35 (from 23 last week.)

And yes, that is a RAISE in the followers on IG. And I believe that its due to the fact that we switched from regular pictures to the story/poetry type pictures. Which means the focus is back on words instead of me trying to act like some darn photographer which I am not. But yeah, Im happy people like the quotes they be getting from the stories and poems.


Fan Page Likes: 132 (the exact same)

Sigh, this one might just be the one that gets ignored due to the fact that everything links back to this one. All my tweets and thus all my instagram pics come back to this one as well. But for some reason I aint getting NO likes no way. And YES YES, I did once again ask someone to invite their friends … but seriously … people will NOT help you … maybe I need to attach a reward to this one. How sad is that?

Overall Experience

I feel like I didnt do enough, I feel like I should do more, but that is due to the fact that I didnt shoot enough footage. But Im trying to fix that ASAP. But yeah, not too much I can say this time around, but I am getting ready for next week, and it should be good because Im Vino Venitas.