Poem: Huh???

Its spring and a breeze touches my face soothing me
A smile crosses my face because in the horizon I can see a beauty
As she gets closer I can tell her body’s shaped like a bottle …damn
Her face is damn near angelic, but yet with all that harmony still sex is the main plan
I would love to be able to have that package on my list
But man, how do I approach a honey like this
Ok honesty is the best way, ok what’s the first thing to say
Ok I know, here we go “hi , how was your day”
She looks at me with a look that says she is surprised and lightly shocked
But my humbleness must have shined through cus my effort is not blocked
So as her mouth opens up I wonder what she is thinking


This Poem: Huh is a pretty short and simple one because well at times I dont want to give you guys too much. If you look at it correctly, its as if I am trying to keep you guys in suspense. But its a nice look all in all, because I try to make everything count, and longer doesnt always mean better, keep that in mind folks.