Photoshoot Gears4Teams Dutch American Football

So this is the behind the scenes of the after movie of the Photoshoot for Gears4Teams as they represent their new Dutch American Football jerseys. And since we did the photoshoot its only right that we make a quick behind the scenes as well, so you guys can get a solid idea of what went on, and how dope some of the pics that came out of it really were. Yup, SY-Media for all your Photoshoots, and of course all you business videos, and after party vids as well. This is looking good san … looking good, so have a look at the Photoshoot Gears4Teams Dutch American Football. It was a fun shoot, because the guys who were getting shot understood what they were there to do, and they understood that they had to be a part of the shoot in more than just standing there. They gave us some good stuff, and so I as director had to make sure that I at least capture the mood a little, while making sure that the quality of the whole thing didnt drop. And my Black Magic Cinema Camera is pretty strong, but as soon as light leaves the building my camera isnt as good as I would have liked.