Week 6 Social Media Experiment Results

Ok so here I go with this Week 6 Social Media Experiment Results. But as a side note, I have to say that I did do a lot this week that didnt fit into the experiment, but was still a part of it. And seriously, Im super happy with the office the team got now. We are doing some good things down there. But yeah be happy and rejoice for we are once again recapping what went down this week, with regards to the Social Media Experiment.


Total Hits: 302 (from 259 last week. So all in all we did get a few more hits in … still not where I want to be, but it should be coo right?)

Subscriptions: 157 (same from last week)

Ok so Youtube isnt really feeling my stuff just yet, but it is nice to see that Im not being completely ignored just yet. I hope that somewhere along the line this will pick up, or else Im in for a long 5 months.


Followers: 169 (from 160 last week, not a super big spike, but hey all bits count.)

Ok so, it seems that I am slowly gaining some notoriety with my tweets, as I am still getting retweeted and favorited, a bunch. And that still makes me smile. And since all of my tweets also go on Facebook, Im glad to see the amount of likes my stuff gets on there as well. Im pretty sure, some will see it as spam, but hey lets keep it trucking … I want to at LEAST get 200 followers by the end of next week.


Weeks End: 33 (from 53 last week)

This is the only place where things can ACTUALLY go down, and it could be seen as a solid place to see how effective everything was. Since the site is the main spot for VinoVenitas. But yeah all in all not a super bad, look but not something I should try to emulate.


Followers: 23 (from 20 last week)

This is a modest step ahead if I ever saw. But I have decided to redo the process behind this instagram thing. Before I was just posting pictures I took, and instead of writing a short piece to each picture, I just posted it. And since I am a writer, I have decided to go through my first book of poetry, and take a quote from EACH piece. I made a template for the quotes and that is what I will be posting from here on out. As a poet, I should post pictures of words … should I not?


Fan Page Likes: 132 (from a 132)

Seriously, I am asking people to do it for me, but I can just tell from the amount of likes I be getting in, that NOTHING is being done. So this right here will be the most useless part of the experiment, unless I can actually motivate my so called friends to help me out. But yeah, this one will have to grow along with the website, cause they will have to be the trickle down parts of the others that rise up.

Overall Experience

Ok so this week, was a busy one, but I managed to do everything that needed to be done. I will make sure I will keep this up next week as well. Im glad I got an office now, and Im happy to be surrounded by people who have the same look at stuff like I do. I love business and everything it entails … now I just need to find that one way to do things my way. And that my dear friends is the end of this Weeks 6 Social Media Experiment Results