Wijnand Schouten // http://wijnandschouten.com/

It was the tick tock of her heels
It was that certain perfume when she feels that way
It was always on a off day
When that sense of dismay would cover me
I was never far from creativity
But also not far from insanity that is what she said
I think it was before the first blow to the head
I thought for a moment I was dead as it went black
But when my senses came back
I noticed she cut me some slack and allowed to me wake up
But that sensation always stuck
The standard for when I ran out of luck and she was in that mood
I don’t know if it was a new dude
Or maybe I said something rude I was aware of
But not once did I ever feel love
It was like a guillotine that was above me at all time
Not once did I ever truly speak my mind
I recognize I left my childhood behind in a dark pit
A new scar on my soul with each hit that found my temple
Never did I realize our bond was horrible
Till I saw how feeble it was compared to my friend
They had arguments that would simply end
He didn’t have to fend for his life after it was done
He smiled afterwards, he didn’t run
Afterwards they smiled and had fun, it was mesmerizing
It felt like those two knew me, and started lying
I started crying, once the realization became clear
He looked at his mom with admiration not fear
She held him dear, as she tried to raise him
She didn’t strike him on the merest of whim
It was the weirdest thing, to see a bond so true
He held her hand, something I could never do
Their compassion was true, as was their intention
Mine had feelings, I dare not mention
I hid the tension between lines of pages no one will read
There was one place where my mind was freed
It gave me all that I need, as the dark covered me
A simple play tunnel, so full yet empty
It’s all because that one day she waited at the bottom for me
With a smile and candy, as she whispered I love you
To this day, I don’t know if it was a dream or if it was true

A flashback of a memory placed in the dark
A look through a tunnel that forever left its mark

Story: She lied to me