photo 2
Nathalie Mulsch //

I have always wanted to see, what it would be
If my creativity, showed a side of me through photography
I don’t know the exact date or time
All I know is that, I was left behind
Maybe I wasn’t fast enough
Maybe their pace was just too tough
But all I recall is looking at their backs
Their footsteps, as I stepped in their tracks
I recall everything, but their faces
Uninvited when they went places
It didn’t bother me as much
Heard their names for me “weirdo” such and such
It’s just that I never wanted to fit in
Being like them was never my thing
Yet I wasn’t blind to their effort to not stand out
And by not trying I was considered a black cloud
I didn’t mind
Their focus on being liked, cheery, bright
It never escaped my sight
I was placed amongst them, to learn
An easy target for bullies, yet it was never my turn
Had it been, it would have been red
Had it been, other words would have been said
And the lines of my frame, wouldn’t be the same
The lines of my frame, would have shown more pain
But this here is me
A single moment trying to maintain in a world made of change
Out of place, yet still here, one word … strange
Black and white between pink and green
A dream inside a concept, yet unseen
This here is me
Showing you a picture that displays me growing up
Showing you all the pain I have bottled up
Let these white lines guide you back to what you know
For I am a flower inside a moment unable to grow
Stuck in the past, this is me
I bet before this, you thought that picture was a little empty

Story: This here is me