Sunday has once again decided to bring it back, and so we have to get it in and look at what has happened this week. So before we get into the actual results of it all, SY-Media is online, and that will be that new business look me and my partner are gonna try. Should be fun, so if you have anything creative you want done HOLLA AT ME!!! Other than that, I performed on this one spot and freestyled my way out of a black out, and people still liked it … go figure. And now Im getting ready for some new performances so all in all it should be a good next week. Now lets get it poppin with this weeks results.


Total Hits: 239 (from 192 last week, not a lot of hits, but hey Rome wasnt built in a day, and neither will this experiment. But we will keep on keeping on.)

Subscriptions: 156 (from 154 last week … yeah that sucks)

So yeah, this time around I decided to try something with this weeks vid. Because I wanted to see if I could make that super grunge look become reality. But now I see the limitations of what my computer and my fantasy can reach together. So its still coo, but I will give this another shot. Because I want to be able to make one of those. And I also decided to up the overall quality of the vids, by correcting the colors. That was a good look.


Followers: 132 (from 70 last week, and YES that is almost double up … good looking right?)

With Twitter I decided to switch from quoting people to just randomly dropping lines I came up with. I make them feel like quotes, because Im just that guy. And it seems that I do get retweeted more than a few times and that makes me happy. As do the tweets that get favorited. Makes me smile.

Weeks end: 34 (now once again this is a good look because before, this site didnt have ANY hits, so having 34 is a NICE start)

Im looking at what else I can do for Vino Venitas, but alas all this tweeting and vlogging takes up a lot of time. So I dont think I can do a lot more. Unless I bring back some of those old concepts, but I get the feeling they will work better once my site has more hits.


Followers: 20 (+1 yes another extra person who feels its coo enough to watch some random select pics put together. Not a bad vibe to this … not a bad vibe at all.)

Due to the fact that my pictures arent all that darn amazing, its only understandable that they dont get as much hits as you would like them to. But its still a nice look to see that I at least got 20 … I got this feeling that I will stay on this number for a few weeks.


Page Likes: 127 (we have yet another +1)

Ok so here is the deal with this one … people dont give a F*CK. I have now asked people to invite their friends list to like my page. And of course they ALL said yes, but in the end not ONE of them actually did it … which kind of makes this request almost irrelevant … due to the fact that its a favor I cant force them or pressure them about it, but darn it all if they dont get under my skin just a BIT with this.

Overall Experience

Not much to say, I am learning a lot, and Im forcing myself to improve the quality of the vids I am dropping. This week I decided to do the visual aspect of it, so upcoming week lets try to improve the quality of the sound. And if we get to do that … we will have a real watch worthy vid wont we? Week 4 Social Media Experiment Results