What is Depression?

A lot of people suffer from this, but think that they are just tired. A lot of people purposely stay in a position that will make them depressed. Here are some symptoms to help you understand if you are depressed or just a little tired. Always keep in mind that talking to people who have your best interest at heart can help a lot. What is Depression? Its a question that most people will not be able to answer, because they dont have a clear cut experience with. But as sadness and depression are pretty close, just imagine it being blown up to grand scales and see how that would feel. So next time you hear someone say that he or she is despressed, ask yourself first What is Depression? The final words of most people will last longer in the mind of those who were closed to them. And as someone who has felt and seen both sides of this coin, it makes sense that I would try to make you understand that the world should take this into account.