Yes, yes. Sunday has once again reared its week ending head around the corner, and decided to make me review the week that has passed us by. So here I am recapping it all. And just to be clear, this experiment does slow down the days, and does keep me focused on creating more stuff, than I care to admit. But its still fun, 3 weeks in. I didnt expect that … lets hope it stays fun.


Total Hits: 192 (from a 107 last week. Not that big a rise, but hey its STILL the beginning. I have to keep saying that to myself, so that when one DOES get some hits in, I can say SEE SEE, now we are further down the line.)

Subscription: 154 (from a 151, so that means a total of 3 extra people … thats big right?)

This shooting youtube vids is a nice thing, the only issue is that due to the speed of making these vids, I cant put TOO much creativity into them. Which is ok, because I am learning a LOT about making these vids, this here is GREAT practise. Lets hope I keep getting better and better.


Followers: 70 (from 42 so that means we had a GOOD amount of new people willing to follow the boy as he do what he do. Lets hope that we can hit that sexy 100 number next week.)

So we are still on the 10 a day, and it seems people dont mind is as much. Its coo to see that we have a few retweets, and have been Favorited a few times as well. That is a good feeling yes indeed, now all we need is more people and we are good.

Unique IP:  15 (-1 which is ok, due to the fact that we didnt have ANY folks coming by before. So now that we are on 15 its still a solid number if you ask me. But yeah its a long road ahead and small numbers like this should hold me back)

So has truly become the main spot for it all, I am placing EVERYTHING on this here darn site, and thanks to that its becoming a real site that has weekly, darn near daily updates. Lets see how much info it can hold in these 6 months.


Followers: 19 (+1 yup we got one extra follower in a weeks time.)

So this one isnt as epic as it could have been, but we have noticed that since we take somewhat simple pictures, not of SUPER nature spots, and not of sexy babes … we dont get that many followers as we could have. Lets see if SpinyBack candy can change that for me.


Page Likes: 126 (+33 and that is just a good number if we ever saw one)

The reason for this rise wasnt because we asked someone to help us out, but because we just invited the rest of the people we hadnt invited just yet. But seriously this asking people to ask their friends to like my page is a PAIN in the neck. Because it seems they will say YES, but then dont do it … that almost really ticks me off.

Overall Experience

Another week ended, and we have met every deadline we set out, and we maybe even found a few loopholes and places we could use to do some more stuff. We love new topics, so if you have any suggestions, you want to share with the boy, go right ahead and do so. Nothing more to say, other than lets get ready for next week. Bang Bang Boogie AAWW!!! Week 3 Social Media Experiment Results