Poem: Are you scared?

Are you scared to see what could be
If you would only deem yaself happy
Run around with fears that have no meaning
Afraid to tell people what your dreaming
Cus you’ve been stepped on spit on
Talked about then left alone
So now your afraid to repeat a mistake that another has made
Cant step off the foundation that their lies have laid
So you abandon hope and neglect what makes you you
Adapting to the image they perceive as you
That aint right
Put up a fight
Surprise yaself … be yaself
Whats the use of the verbal abuse of what they perceive as the truth
Its only seen from their perspective
But in all honesty the easy road is so seductive
So you would rather sit back and kick back and later on look back at what coulda been
Thinking to yourself OH what a beauty my life could have been
If only I had the fuel and the spirit to chase my dreams
Instead of letting other peoples opinion ruin my dream
But what you forgot and forget is that they judge you from their past
Their experiences what they want and what they had
They weren’t able to run with the speed of their fantasy
So immediately they want the same for everybody
Just look em in their eyes and say I am not you
I can do anything I set my mind too
Impossible is only that if you give it that name
You and I are not the same
Your goals where the stars but you settled for the sky
I will not do the same why walk when I can fly
I will reach my fantasy open every door
Then when I look back I can see there wasn’t nuffin to be scared for
That’s just life


Sometimes you have to go back into that old box, and get something you felt was good at the time. And then when you reread it, it kind of has a nostalgic feel to it, which is a good thing. I wrote this one for someone who didnt seem to want to let go of the past. And kept clinging to something that could absolve them of certain responsibilities.