Ok this Sunday signifies the end of the second week of my little experiment. And I can tell that this will be one heck of a ride, and it will consume more time than I gave it credit for. But all in all it might just work in my favor … or it could destroy everything. Either way, here are the results I have with regards to numbers so far.


Total Hits: 107 ( from a 13 of last week, and that is placed over 4 vids … yeah not a great look but dont get ahead of yourself, its just the beginning.)

Subscriptions: 151 (unchanged)

So we did get more hits, and we did a good job keeping up with this high pace, but yeah lets hope that more folks will find these vids and watch them. Should be ok right.


Followers: 42 (plus 4, but you have to keep in mind that we went down a few times this week as well.)

So it seems that those 10 tweets a day, are hurting us more than they are doing good. Because its starting to feel like spam,  and this is coming from the guy who is posting them. But we just have to increase the quality of the tweets and make we get more folks. But yeah we did lose a few followers this week, so we are happy that we ended on a plus.


Unique IP: 16 (plus 10)

This one, might just be the highlight of the week, because for the first time in lets say, 6 years, this site has reached the 16 people mark. I know this looks weird to you guys, but I havent really been using VinoVeni.com as well as I could have. But now that we reached this mark … I feel like I can do more. But yeah this was a good one.


Followers: 18 (plus 18)

Yeah in one week, we were able to find and garnish 18 people who are willing to follow the boy as I do what I do. I have to admit that I appreciate that. Makes me feel better about these pics I be taking, and the fact that I basically have no idea what Im doing with regards to this. But still a good look.


Page Likes:  93 (plus 2)

Now, I know what you are thinking, that I didnt ask anyone this week. But I did, and he said that he would do it. This guy had a total of 1600+ friends he was going to invite, and he said that he did it. And out of those 1600 folks, it seems only 2 said yes. Makes you wonder if he really did it, but hey, the deal was to ask and not to force. So we went up by 2, which still isnt such a bad thing … right?

Overall Experience

Ok, so as a videographer, I already knew the importance of light and how to use it. But after just 4 vids, Im really starting to see that if I dont buy my own lights, I will have to make sure that I use natural light correctly. And this is a kick in the nuts. Now as a photographer Im noticing that taking pictures of nature is pretty fun, and you get some nice shots. But pretty soon I will try to start taking people, and buildings. But for now, these nature pics are coo. But the one thing that kind of urks me, is the fact that these tweets have to be done almost every hour … that is overkill. But Im gonna do it though … Im gonna do it. So yeah, that was week 2, lets get ready for week 3. Week 2 Social Media Experiment Results