It was the month of May, it was a rainy day
Hiding beneath her umbrella, with a smile on her face
Staring at the sky, as if the rain was out of place
All alone in an empty field, looking at nothing but rain
Without a word being said, I understood she was in pain
The gentleman in me, approached her with caution
To see if I could lighten the burden with idle conversation
As she turned to face me, time stopped and it all went black
For a moment, there was only her, but then time found its way back
We spoke about the weather, the rain and its beauty
All the while, I was thinking “she was it for me”
We played the game accordingly, a solid foundation was set
We both knew, this was a chance at love, most never get
Our first anniversary, I took her right here
A romantic picnic, under a sky that was clear
We danced to the wind, caught in a moment of peace
As we kissed to a sunset, that we both hoped would never cease
Year in and year out, we came back to this one spot
We found happiness, both of us appreciated what we got
So in year 5, I waited for the sky to turn red
And as it did “I love you” was all I said
I placed the ring in the tall grass, and told her “you make me happy”
“Pick that up, and I will do the same for you for all eternity”
Without a moment of hesitation, she grabbed the ring
Said “YES” and it felt like moments after, we had the wedding
But thanks to wedding plans, work and the honeymoon
Dinner parties, movie times and prepping a baby room
We weren’t able to visit our favourite place
Life no longer wanted to move at our pace
We never had kids, she wasn’t able to
It was after that news, a nightmare came true
Lung cancer crept in her body and made it its home
There is no pain equal to the feeling of knowing you will be alone
Every moment I had, I was by her side
She engraved her last words in my soul, when she died
“I will be there, with a smile to sky, hiding in the rain”
“I will be there, asking the wind every day to whisper your name”
And then she smiled her last smile

Now every year I sit here, staring at a sky that refuses to rain
It was here that we met, and to me it was here that I lost her
Because only here, does the wind whisper HER name
I miss you

Story: It was here