You NASTY BITCH! – Another Vino Venitas Blog

Well aight then people, its been more than a second since I posted a blog. And this time around I don’t really have anything special to mention. But I do have these two stories I want to have on my website, so here we go. Now while you are reading this, just imagine me on stage in front of you telling you this here story. Ok so lets go.
I was in the club right, and you know how I do. I stand there with my drink minding my business and watching the people act a fool. I was standing behind this one girl who just COULDN’T dance, I mean the beat was going 1,2,3 and she was on some A,B,C shit. It made no sense, but me being who I am I was smiling cus it was funny to watch. Now as Im standing there right, all of a sudden this girl and what looked like her boy started dancing in front of me. Now you have to keep in mind that when I say dancing I mean they were just grinding on each other, on a beat no one else can hear but THEM. But yeah, the girl looked at me and smiled at me. Now at this point Im thinkin “homey keep ya girl in check, cause she on some other shit.” So I just sip my little drink and sat my ass down. Now Im sitting right, and the girl comes sitting to me, and she calls her boy over but there really wasn’t any place for him to sit. And I DAMN sure wasn’t getting up, so he just stood there. So after like 10 minutes of standing the dude walks over to some other spot where he can sit. The girl DID NOT FOLLOW HIM, which means that he just left the girl alone.
Now at this point I start smiling, because that is the sign for some drama, and I love watching drama. So after like a few minutes, the girl says hello to me and asks me if she can touch my hair. I tell her “go ahead”, and so she does and kind of gestures me to touch her hair. I touch her hair like … ok this is like SUPER special normal hair. And she is all like “I love your hair.” Now Im sitting there right, and Im a LITTLE confused, so I ask her … “isn’t that ya boy over there?” And she says “No he is just a friend, we met awhile back and he really likes me, so we came here together to have fun.” Now to me that sounds like they are one something like a date right? So I nod my head, turn and take a sip of my drink, thus letting her know Im done with this.


Now, another dude pops up, and he is on his serious trying to get some girl type shit. So he starts talking to the girl and the girl starts talking back. So after a few lines he asks her to dance and the girl gets up and starts dancing with him. AGAIN keep in mind that when I say dancing, I mean they are grinding on each other face to face on a beat only THEY can hear. So these two are dancing right, and I shoot a glance at her first boy to see if he is seeing this. And I swear to God, if you saw the LOOK on his face as he saw his girl dance with another guy …. I just couldn’t help myself and started laughing out loud in the middle of the club. Keep in mind that Im alone, so Im laughing by myself. So after a minute passes of this guy looking all pissed off and bitter as he watches them dance, he stands up from his spot and walks towards the two and then walks past them. Now as he is walking past them he is looking at them in DISGUST! If I tell you that I was almost on the nasty club floor laughing my ass off, I am not joking. I was dying from laughter. So then he walks over to the other side of the club to just watch his girl dance with this other guy.

And I guess it became too much for him, because he starts walking over to the two, and he grabs the girl by the waist and pulls her away from the other guy and starts dancing with her. ME … Im dead, I couldn’t handle it anymore, I was in tears laughing. He did that pull away move so GANGSTER, so full of rage that it was just too funny. So then the girl is like WHAT! And I watch her put her hands up, like what is wrong? And she pushes him out of the way, and goes RIGHT back to the other guy and keeps on dancing with him. Im hitting the table like STOP IT, you are killing me. Im unable to stop laughing, my side is hurting and everything but I just cant stop laughing. Homey doesn’t know when to give up, and grabs the girl again.


Now they start having this whole discussion, and he has his whole pleading face on. And she is pushing him away, like get out of here. And he grabs her hand like whats wrong, just give me another chance. And she just keeps pushing him away, and eventually he gets it and lets her walk away. If you saw the heartbreak on this guys face … Im telling you it was all I could do from just choking on my laughter. At this point I had to find someone to share this with. So there was this girl next to me, and I tapped her and told her that she should watch this shit happen, because it was funny as hell. So now me and this girl are watching the girl dance with the other homey, and the original guy walks away towards the bathroom. Now Im not sure right, but I think he went in there to not show people he was crying.

And Im sure he was in front of the mirror, having that confidence boosting conversation with himself. You know the one where you look yourself in the eyes and be all like “this aint nothing, she isn’t worth it man. You can do so much better, its ok man. Stay strong, don’t cry over this man. IT doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t!” Now Im still laughing from what I saw, and when my smile reaches a certain point my eyes close. Yeah I got some of that Asian blood in me, so its only natural right. SO Im sitting there, laughing my ass off, with my eyes closed when the girl next to me who is joining me in watching the drama taps me on the shoulder. I open my eyes again, and people … the girl is now KISSING the other guy!!!
Now people, Im never one to judge. I simply just don’t care about what you do, who you do it with, or when you do it. Because I have done some nasty stuff myself, and I just don’t have it in me to judge other people. But it slipped out of me “You NASTY BITCH!” She didn’t hear me of course, we were still in the middle of the club, mind you. The only problem I really had with this, was the fact that the original guy was still in the bathroom and DIDN’T SEE THIS KISS HAPPEN. I was just HOPING he would come out on time, and see this shit so I could see his face. But alas it didn’t happen he stayed in there for a long time, which makes sense because confidence building takes some time. So after that kiss ended, the girl grabs the other guys hand and they go outside of the club. She must not want anymore drama. So like a minute after she left the dude comes out of the bathroom, and looks around the club to find the newly formed couple. And he couldn’t find them.
He was looking left, he was looking right, he was looking up, he was looking down. And I am sure that he saw this big black guy with dreads in tears, holding his stomach and laughing as if someone was tickling him. But he did NOT care, he was looking for that nasty bitch, but she was no longer there. So I stopped laughing for a second, and asked the girl next to me, if I should tell him that they left the club? And she was like “NO, don’t meddle in this.” I was all like ok, you have a point, it might ruin all the fun. So the guy walks up to the bouncer at the door and asks him if he saw where the girl went. And I can see the bouncer point outside … and YUP there homey goes, outside to follow that nasty bitch.
So now my entertainment is gone, and I was just recuperating from all the laughter, because I did a LOT of it. After 15 minutes passed, homey comes back in the club BY HIMSELF, seems that he didn’t find the girl. Now Im already smiling again, because I could just TASTE his pain, and people it was delicious. So he sits down in the corner of the club, and grabs his phone and starts typing a text. We all know that he was texting the girl, and based on the look on his face, and how he was cowering away, as if he didn’t want anyone to read what he was typing … he must have been begging. Because is he was typing a REAL text, he would have his phone all out, like LOOK at what Im typing. Should have been a message like “You stupid dumb bitch, Fatherfuck you and the hole you came out of. I hope choke and die on his dick!” Yes that would have been a message I would have typed, but Im pretty darn sure he didn’t type that. He must have typed something like “Im sorry if I did something wrong, please give me another chance, I just want to talk to you.” … BITCH …
So after he was done typing, he stands up and leaves the club again. After like 30 minutes or so, the girl came back with the other guy, it seems that she had some stuff in a locker in the club. So she had to go and come get it. She tells the other dude to wait at the bar, so she can go to the bathroom. She goes to the bathroom, and Im siting there HOPING that the other guy comes walking back into the club. No such luck! The girl however is in the bathroom for like 10 minutes … and Im not even gonna TRY to speculate what she did in there. But she finally came back out, and she is holding her phone and is texting with it. For some reason I was sure that it was homey she did wrong. And I also had this feeling that he sent her a text like “if you don’t come talk to me, I will kill myself. I will jump in front of train. I will stab myself in the neck with a spoon, and penetrate my veins with a toothpick!” Because the girl went outside again, but she DIDN’T tell the other guy she was leaving. She just left him standing at the bar, without saying a word. This wasn’t funny, it didn’t really make me laugh because its logical that she would come back, and then leave the club with this guy right?
The girl never came back, the dude just STOOD THERE WAITING for like a hour on the girl. Now Im dying again, because NOW his face was BITTER. I was cracking up. And eventually the dude just left the club alone, and I am sure that as he walked out of the building he was followed by the laughter of the truth. That my friends was one HECK of a funny evening, and if I ever see that girl again. I am buying her a drink for entertaining me like that. That is the end of the story … I enjoyed it, and I didn’t want to forget this one.