Vino Venitas Update

Ok so we dont really know who reads this stuff anymore, but for those of you who still care here is another Vino Venitas Blog. Ok so let me just give you guys a quick update on whats what in the world of Vino.

First things first, the novel is still being written, and to be honest with you guys it’s a lot more fun this time around. We are doing good, its not really going as fast as we want it to, but hey its our own fault. Now for the next thing, we went to Okinawa, and its fun. We were on a island that is considered to be Japans Hawaii and it was fun. The beaches looked pretty not SEXY pretty but I haven’t seen a beach in a long time pretty. They do top the Dutch beaches by a mile though but then again that itsnt that hard now is it.

I went to the club, I went to the beach and I went to this big as aquarium where they had these MONSTER sharks that were just HUGE. Humongous is the correct word here, and they had some other sexy stuff as well. Nothing else really to mention there other than it was hot. I am almost done with my month vacation (school break) and to be honest with you guys … I kinda wanna see them kids.

Yeah Im sorry, but I mean not a lot of people come here so I don’t really wanna make a REAL lengthy blog about my trip or whats going on.

Now I have this feeling, that I have been feeling for a while now and I figured I might as well share it with you guys. So here is the deal, WHAT is it in your life that makes you feel like you have achieved something? What is it that you have done, or what is it that you own or created or was a part of that makes you feel like “THIS IS IT”. The thing that makes you feel like your life was worth living?

I cant seem to find mine, which means I still haven’t done enough which means I still have a long ways to go. For the people that know me, they know that I have done some stuff in my life … not a lot mind you but some stuff. The stuff I have done … for some people would be considered a life time goal. For me its all just a step on a road going to a place I think I know. The issue is Im not sure anymore what else I want on that road.

To be a bit more precise, I have achieved all the goals I have set out in my life. I have reached all the dreams that I wanted to reach. I have done all the things that I wanted to do.  The only things still open, that I cant seem to get as easily, are business related and well I am working my ass off to get there.

But yeah, I think Im almost out of dreams … so I have to make up some new ones or improve the ones I already achieved. Because if not … I will become a person who doesn’t have a dream and that is something that is just SAD. So for a really coo new dream, I guess I will have to wrap up the one I am currently living in (Japan).

So yeah the question is … what makes your life worth living or what has made it worthwhile?