Vino Venitas Back in Holland

Ok the title might be a bit misleading but bear with me as I give you this here proposal. I have heard it more than a few times now that people miss me. So I figure who am I to not answer the need of people. So here is my suggestion, you DONATE money to get me back in NL for 2 weeks.

Now before you go and think “is THIS mofo begging for money” let me stop you right there. I am not asking for money, nor am I asking for your money. The deal is this, if you want me to fly back to NL, donate the amount you think its worth it having me back there for 2 weeks.

And I as the person in question, will match WHATEVER you guys donate. So for example:

10 people each donate 15 euro a piece, which is 150 euro in total.

I will match that, meaning I will double the amount, so it will become 300 euro.

Now I haven’t researched it just yet, but I assume that a ticket from Japan to NL will be around 800 to 900 euros. Meaning your goal is to reach 450 euro. And then I will match that amount, making it 900 euro.

Its pretty simple right, and if enough people put in a small amount this goal will be reached pretty soon. This little action is valid until the 1st of August. Because my school vacation is in August so I can easily miss 2 weeks. For now all you need to say, is how much you will donate to make this a reality.

If you don’t wish to put your business in the open, you can also email me. Or skype me or whatever you feel comfortable with. That is it, if you want me back in NL for 2 weeks, here is how you do it. Im not expecting anyone to actually donate the money, but I love doing stuff like this so at the end I can say HEY I gave you a way to get me back here earlier. And you didn’t do anything so you cant blame me.

Yes, doesn’t that just sound like me?

But aight so comment away, here or on FB or wherever. Just remember this deal is for 2 weeks after which I will go back to Japan. Im not done here yet. That is it for this week, I don’t really have anything else to say or tell you guys. You know it all by now, and nothing really new happened to me, so I don’t have any funny or flashy news.

I still love them kids, Im still having a good time, Im still learning my Japanese and Im still IN JAPAN.

There you go, have a nice weekend peeps.

Vino Venitas