The Release: 666

Here is this weeks post, and yes its a goodie. I like this song cause well its dark and twisted and its right up my alley. Its one of the oldest ones I have. So here you go a Vino Venitas original.

Ok so this one song came into being by a really fun route. I had recorded some stuff, and lets just say people did NOT like it. Hey I didnt like it either, so I just took me a small hiatus. Dont get me wrong the stuff I recorded was lyrically on point, but lets just say the beat and I had different opinions. But then my homey Spit Venom was like … YO I wanna do a record jump on it with me. So he basically took me, a rapper that had left the game back into the booth. And Im not dumb nor arrogant so I know that most people didnt want to work with me, due to my abilities. But he was like lets go, and till this day Im thankfull to for that. So Spit Thanks man.

But this is the record that came into being after he called me. I figured that I shouldnt do too much and just keep it simple and Vino. And so I did, and this is what came out of me. Real gritty and real raw, no punchlines just straight killing people … yeah LOVE doing that. But if you read my stories you already knew that right. So yeah there you go, that is all I have to say this week.

Vino Venitas