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Ok motherfuckers, I been drinking and yes I am a little drunk right now. So I decided to write my blog a little drunk. So first and formemost if there are any mistakes in this ,… I simply dont care because I am drunk right now. Now lets get it on with what I want to talk about, people I am really pissed off at the fact that I just posted about like 25 new posts and shit and you motherfuckers didnt even reply to one. Meaning that you guys feel like my shit aint worth replying too, which means you guy sare fucking fawking assholes. FIX that you bastards, I mean I ovber writing my ass off, slo you guys can know what is goinfg on over here, and then you dont even wanna take the motherfucking time to reply to my shit. Makes me feel like a chump who shjouldnt been writing a DAMN cblog any fakwing way. BUt aight you know what Im saying, lets just keep goig and fix this shit.

Ok so I just got back from a Enkai, if you dont know what thath means google it bitch, btw sorry for all the bad words but ey Im drunk so deal with it and get over it. Ok so at this enkai we were ;like chilling and then the japanese people did their little thigng, now here is the reason why i am drunk, when the japanese throw one of these enkais the rule is simple.

YOU DO NOT POUR YOUR OWN DRINK, this means that THEY pour your drink for you, so whenerver they see that your glass is a LITTLE less than full, they come ovber and pour some shit in. NOW if your glass IS full that means you have to take a sip and reduce the amount so theyt can pour some new stuff in. Now for some reason there were a LOT of people who wanted to pour my drink, so I just kept on drinkin g. Now I am drunk, deal with.


Now that I am drunk I feel like telling you guys something. I was at school today, and we were just done cleaning and then I was just standing tyhere about to go back to my little chair. So then this 15 year old girl and her friend step up to me. And she said Hello, so I dsaid hello back, and this went on for like 3 times. Then she said “I love you”. Now I did what any sane man would do in that situation when a girl tells him that. I ran the FUCK away. And now I dont know what to do, cause 1 its a japanese girl so I dont know what that means exactly and 2 its a teenage girl so I know what the fuck that means.

What would you guys do???

This is my let em ask you something, now if you dont reply tyo my let me ask you something over HERE. But comment on my shit on facebook you my friend are a asshole. Deal with it.


Other than that, Golden Week has started, meaning that I will have a few days off, which I will spend in Tokyo drinking my Black Label, just like Jah told me to. And I will try to make me some fun stories, to bring back with me when I get back to NL. If you have any questions or feel like I should keep this one blog up, tell me. I will be sober when I wake up SOOOOO if you guys have something to say say it ya heard me …

Thats it, for this drunken blog and there it is, the first and hopefully the last drunken blog. But yeah thats it. Really it, yeah really it.

Vino Venitas


Holla at me mmmmmmm