This weeks praise

This week we praise Yorel Cairo, the model/writer/actor/poet/singer/dancer/director/comedian and a bunch of other stuff. Now I don’t necessarily know everyone I praise on here, but in this case I know this dude since, well let’s just say ever. And ever since I have known him, he has had one goal. And that is to perform, and when I say it is his goal it’s his GOAL. I have the privilege of having a network filled with creative people.

I have the privilege of having a network of people who are able to work themselves to the bone to get where they want to be. But even in my extensive network there are but a FEW who are able to combine both. And Yorel works, and WORKS to achieve his dream. He doesn’t make excuses, he doesn’t complain he doesn’t push his luck, no he just builds the road that will lead him to success.

And for that he deserves my respect.

The work he gives the people, is always on point and I swear sometimes even I am amazed at the fact that he can do what he does. He has recently published his first book it is a collection of pieces he has written over the years. It is called “The Book of L” now I know it sounds REAL dramatic, but hey what book isn’t. I can’t wait to get me a copy, so I can sit on the train and read me some work. In case you think, or feel that I am exaggerating let me help you out with some of his work.

Now if you pay REAL close attention, you might see me as well … yeah we worked together. Cause for a second there, I was on my grind just like him.

Lets start off with what I believe to be his natural talent … modeling. This dude KNOWS how to pose, and pick a spot to shoot a good picture, lol he is a model.

Now let me show you some of his videos … lets start with the one that I am in, and then one of his, where you can see him do his thing alone.

And now, a video where he does one of his sketches.

And to wrap it ALL up, lets end with the cover of his coming book.











If you want to see more of his work, or read his blog, visit his site.

Thats it for this weeks praise, I will be back next week with someone else.

Vino Venitas