The trophies of a mad man

As promised, here is another update for you nice people. Now I love anime and manga and Japan has these arcade halls where you can win these figurines. Now as you can see I called them figurines and NOT dolls, someone corrected me, cause I said they had dolls. But yeah I won a few of them, and I will try to win more. I want a whole collection by the time I leave here. And if you guys want one, let me know and Ill give it my best shot to win you one as well. Here you go, see some of the cool pictures I took. ( I was trying to be all photographer like, it aint never work though.)

And just in case you missed it:

Those were the trophies of a mad man, I plan to win more, so expect a update on this. And in case you want to follow the boy on DeviantArt, you can do so here.

Vino Venitas