This weeks praise

Eiichiro oda

So another Wednesday has reared its head, and so its time for me to praise another wonderful artist.  Now this artist might be unknown to some of you, but for those who do know who he is they will get it. Now let me enlighten you to why this person has become the target of this week’s praise. He is the creator of One Piece. If you don’t know what One Piece is, once again let me enlighten you, it is a Japanese Comic (Manga) which has become a Japanese cartoon (Anime).

Now some of you might say, Vino you are 28 years old, aint you too old to be watching cartoons. I have but one reply to that, and I will say that in my Kevin Hart voice “kill yaself”. I have been a real fan of manga and anime since I was 13 years old, and I have been hooked since then. During those years I have watched me a LOT of anime and manga. More than I can mention, I have watched a LOT. I have also watched me a bunch of movies and more than a few TV shows. But if I tell you that this ONE anime, has topped everything and anything I have watched so far in my life I am NOT joking. One Piece is the dopest show ever.

If you doubt me, ask people who watch it how many times they have cried. Ask the people who watched it how many times they have laughed. Ask the people who watch it how many times they felt like they were right there with the character and just wanted to give them a hug when times got rough. I am telling you Eiichiro Oda is a genius a certified bonafide genius. As a writer myself, I am telling you what he is able to do with some pictures and some words is insane. This guy is my hero when it comes writing and storytelling, and his work is beyond anything I know.

So for that he deserves my praise.

Now in case you think, I have never heard of One Piece so it can’t be THAT famous. Well as a person in Japan, I am telling you that EVERYONE here and I do mean EVERYONE here knows One Piece and most of the characters. And if you look online you will see just how serious people take this. But here are the characters from One Piece, trust me watch this show and it will change your life.

There is one more but I feel like it will be a spoiler, and since I dont wanna do spoiler alert Im gonna save it.

Now here is a little bit of action I found on Youtube, this is One Piece in 6 minutes, watch this and tell me it doesnt look like fun.

That is it for this weeks praise.

Eiichiro Oda thank you for doing what you do, and keep it up.

I will keep watching your work till the day I die.

Vino Venitas