This weeks praise

Sleepy The Poet

This is the first praise of the series, and I will start it with no other than Sleepy The Poet. Ok now I first saw this dude, when I was performing somewhere. And you know how when you hear someone for the first time, if they don’t impress you in the first few seconds their chance is ruined. Well this guy not only impressed me, he just kind of killed it. The show we were both involved in, was like a contest so the crowd had to pick their favorite at the end of it all, I damn near wrote the dudes name down, like F me, THAT was dope.

So after that I of course got him to perform at Spoken Notes. There aren’t a lot of REALLY dope poets out there, who not only know how to write but also know how to intrigue the crowd. Plus dare to step outside the box, and get creative with it while maintaining a clear and concise flow. To make a long story short the boy can write.

For that he deserves my praise.

Now in case you doubt, my words and feel like you should check it out for yourself, I have taken the liberty to find some of his work to show you, check a SN vid first (you KNOW I have to plug Spoken Notes right) :

Now visit his youtube channel, to view some more of his vids:

I suggest you listen to Spoken Word VS Poetry I like that one.

Now for the few of you who don’t want to watch nothing but want your own imagination to do the job for you, read some of his work here:

And last but NOT least the dude actually makes music as well, I mean who can do that MUCH and get away with it right. But he does it, and makes it look easy so in case you want some good stuff on your Walkman/Ipod/whatever here is that good crack:

Ok I feel that is more than enough praise for one week, Im not really used to being so nice to people, but I need to make sure you people know that there are some really dope people out there. I feel like you have more than enough info on the dude, so if you like his work go find him on twitter or facebook and add/follow the dude.

So all in all, I just want to say I hope the dude keeps up his good work and gets the shine he deserves. But yeah that’s it, come next week I will praise someone else. And I feel like I should end this thing with a “no homo” but Im a grown ass man, so Im not going to do that. Im being nice for a change … DEAL with it.

Thanks for reading.

Vino Venitas