The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition The Osaka Edition

Ok Ok Ok, here we are back to the fun stuff that some people have been waiting for. The Vino Venitas blog. I have decided to make yet another change to the blog system, which is I will put up a chapter every week. This is due to the fact that people still come look if there is something new from day to day, and I am tired of disappointing them. Yeah I am so considered, I know I am the sweetest guy ever. But yeah, now you know why this one wont be so long, but ok that should be enough explanation for now, lets get to this months chapters:

–          The Osaka Trip

–          I slept with a stranger (yeah you read it right)

–          The work itch

–          The trophies of a mad man

–          Story of the month

–          Poem of the month

–          Let me ask you something

–          Song of the month

The Osaka Trip

So I took a few pictures on this trip, not too many because this trip wasn’t all that spectacular. Ok so I am sorry because I don’t have that much to say about Osaka, because hey I didn’t do that much. There were a few things you can do in Osaka, like go to a theme park, go to a castle, go to a park OR go eat squid. I did the castle on, and the park ones, other than that I just walked around Osaka a LOT. I met a few interesting people, but again nothing special.  I of course went to the shopping spots and the places that were supposed to be awesome … but yeah … here is a picture of a busy street I went to a few times.

I met this one dude who came to talk to me, and he was all like “you are new to Osaka? “ Then he said he wanted to be my guide, to show me around Osaka. And you know how when someone tells you they are gonna do something, you don’t wanna bother them about it. But let’s just say, he didn’t guide shi… I was all alone in everything.

Osaka is fun if you are a couple, there are a bunch of things to do for couples, but alone it isn’t as spectacular as it could be. I do have to say that their skyline is sexy

That is not a good picture of course, but it should give you a idea of what it look like. There is one thing, that the fellows should know.

For recreational things, I find Tokyo to be a better fit, but if you want to look at pretty girls then Osaka takes the cake. I saw SO many pretty girls just walking around, my eyes grew more tired than my feet. And I love looking at pretty girls … I do … I do.

Other than that, I did take some pictures of things around the Osaka castle that are worth showing you guys, so I will. If there is anything particular you want to know, about with regards to the trip ask me, because seriously I don’t have a lot to tell you about it. Im sorry … yeah Im sorry.

So yeah that’s the end of this chapter, see the next one next week. I know you want to read that stuff right. Oh yeah btw, if you want all the pics I took, let me know and Ill add the upload link on here so you can download them.