The Vino Venitas Blog 5th Edition My Japanese Treasures

Ok so welcome back to the latest blog from your boy. Ok so I posted on FB this comment that I just received my first treasures. Ok so during that week I received me a few more treasures one of which is now the new blog picture. It was a real emotional month so far, and Im kind of sad but that’s enough introduction, you all know what you came to read, so I don’t think I need to explain any further, other than the headlines. So here we go:

–          My Treasures

–          Their words

–          Gym Time

–          Japans Own Style

–          The new project

–          Japanese Progress

–          Upcoming Ideas and goals

–          Let me ask you something …

–          Song of the month

Ok so as you can see there are a few more chapters than usual, but hey I feel like I should expand my blog a bit more. And so I do, what I feel need to be done … Im simple that way. But ok lets get started with the first chapter.

My Treasures

So lets start with the first treasure, cause that’s the one that had me damn near in tears. Ok so I went to school right, and I did my little teacher thing. And then the class was done, and I said bye to the kids and made my way to the hallway. So I get in the hallway and one of the girls in that class comes up to me and tells me this “Dwight Sensei, for you”. Now mind you she said that in Japanese, but since I don’t want to bother you guys with the Japanese words and then translate it for you, Im just giving you the translated off the jump. Hey did I just wander off, and talk about something else? Im sorry lets return to the story at hand. Ok so she gives me this:

Ok so Im not a emotional guy, and I TOLD you guys before that these kids own my heart right. But the ones that melted my heart were at this other school. So I didn’t have a lot of heart to give to this girl, but when she gave this to me, lets just say she reached into my chest and took every bit of love I had in me and put it in her pocket. This was the sweetest thing EVER, so that right there is treasure number one. Ok so now for treasure number two.

Before we get to these pictures of the treasures let me explain something to you. In March the kids graduate, so that means that my oldest kids the 9th graders so to say, have left me. They are starting their High School adventure, and thus dumping their Junior High school to go do it. Meaning that all my dope ass, cool fun 9th graders are gone. Which REALLY pisses me off, cause I really liked some of them kids. They were fun, but due to them leaving and probably never seeing me again, they created a book, where they give me their goodbyes. Dude you have no idea how coo it is to get a book full of thank you, and I appreciate it. The problem is though that all of them wrote in Japanese. Now the boy can read him some Japanese, but not everything but I still gave it a shot. You can check them in the their words section. But for now check the front cover of the book.

Ok so to show you guys how sweet they write, I decided to add a page from this book.

That is the book from my favorite Junior High School, those kids were really awesome. Now I teach at two Junior High schools and of course those kids decided to leave me as well. And it must have been a custom, because they gave me a book too. I liked that book, cause it looked all manga like, well let me just show you.

So the green stuff in the middle is called Hiragana, one of the Japanese alphabets. And all it says is Dwight Sensei, simple right. And now here a page from the book.

Yeah you read that right, I have a nice smile. In case you didn’t notice that JUST happens to be true, I have a awesome smile. LOL yeah Im ringing my own bell, but hey sometimes you have to do that, in case you didn’t know, now you know. Now on to the next little treasure, my elementary kids also gave me something, here are the two things I got from two of my schools.

Yup, all it says is Thank You for teaching us English. Nothing Special, so now on to the next one.

Ok so you might have to mirror read that stuff, but hey make it happen. If you cant let me know in the comment section and Ill fill you in. So now you know what my treasures are, I cherish this stuff more than I cherish my new PS Vita. Which if you know me, means a WHOLE lot, because I love me some Sony.

Their Words

Ok so here is the deal, the coming words are from the Tokiwa School kids. They had about 30 kids in that class, so I tried my best to translate what I could. The other book, held over 60 pages of kids telling me bye. I just didn’t feel like translating THAT many pages, so I owe you that one. But ok here are the translated words from that book, remember the words are translated from Japanese which has a different sentence structure, so bare with them and me ok.

  1. English time really helped me learn English. Thank you
  1. Dwight was a very fun and nice English teacher. Thank you very macho!!
  1. Dwight is a very fun teacher teacher, I was happy with such a teacher as Dwight. Thank you.
  2. Mr Dwight it was just for one year, but thank you for such a short time. Thank you for making me able to enjoy studying English. Hope you’re fine.
  3. Thank you for your care this year Dwight sensei. The English classes on Monday were very interesting and fun. Please be carefull in life, and the classes were fun.
  4. Thank you for playing sports day and during free time together with us. It was very fun, thank you very much.
  5. When I saw Dwight sensei for the very first time, the first thing I thought was that he was very big. But when we had class together my feeling was always very happy. Thank you! Good Dy (she meant day but how cute is that)
  6. Dwight sensei, thank you for everything in the classroom.
    As a English teacher you were very nice and it was very fun.
    Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much for everything until now.
    The English games were very fun.
    Dwight sensei. Thank you for everything in the classroom.
  8. English teacher. It was very fun when Dwight came to teach us English. It was also fun playing Basketball together with you during lunch time. Thank you.
  9. It was always interesting. English time games were also very interesting. It was a very good time, thank you.

That was it, tell me you wouldn’t feel all good about yourself after reading all that. Now picture reading 60 more of pages filled with similar words. These Japanese people really know how to make a guy feel good about himself.

Gym Time

Ok so you know how you don’t pay attention to certain stuff, and then all of a sudden it kicks you in the nuts. I had that this month, it was weird but for some reason it was good. So I started working out, like 3 months following the schedule made by Roberto Sporkslede. Before that time I was just following the diet he set out for me. So you have to figure, 3 months on a diet and 3 months of working out. Now with that amount of effort I figured that I had yet to begin the trail which is losing weight. When I was back home in Amsterdam I weighed about 135 kilos, yeah yeah I know I was big. I don’t like the word fat, so I was big.

For future reference if you EVER want to refer to the old me, its BIG and NOT fat … ya heard me. But ok, so after my 3 months of working out, I decided to do something I was just scared of doing for a long time. I stepped on the scale to see how much work was in front of me. I was expecting to weigh about 120 kilos, meaning I would still have to work off that last 20 kilos off. But dude get this, I weigh 109 now, meaning I only need to get off them last 9 kilos and my gym goal is done. Which means after that I can go back to doing me, and NOT spend a bunch of money on the gym.

Japans Own Style

Ok so like I told you, my 9th years kids graduated, and so they did a graduation ceremony. Now people, I don’t know what the hell we do back home, but THIS is how its supposed to be done. First they rehearsed the ceremony a whole day, meaning getting up sitting down, listening and everything else. Second all the kids present had to sing 5 songs, to basically say goodbye to the 9th years. Not back to back of course with intermissions in between, but still 5 whole songs. Third there were a bunch of high profile dudes, from all over the city to see these kids off, and the school band was doing their thing as all the moms and dads came strolling in. But ok, so the principal gave a speech, then some of the high profile dudes gave a speech, both of which took like 5 minutes.

But then the real stuff started, the principal gave the students their diplomas. You know how that goes right, they call your name you scream YES, then come on the stage, left hand out first, then right hand then place your hands on the diploma and then say thank you and then walk off the stage. That’s how it goes everywhere right. So after that, one of the student came on the stage to give a speech. So he got up there and started reading his words.

After like 1 minute, this girl started playing the piano as the backdrop to his words. And I kid you NOT, as soon as the boy heard the piano, you could just see him slowly breaking down. His voice started cracking, his body started shaking and YUP the tears started falling. He was now reading his goodbye speech as a representative for the students  while he was crying. I am dead serious when I say that MOST of the people in the room caught a case of the cold.

Cause everyone was sniffing, and rubbing their nose. And like I told you before Im not a emotional guy, but if I could FULLY understand him, I might have dropped me a wink too. That stuff was emotional. So then he was done, and all the 9th years kids were crying, and then they got up and they sang their last song. Then they all lined up and walked in a straight line out of the room, and thus out of school. And oh yeah WHILE they were walking, the piano was playing the SADDEST tune EVER, and everyone was clapping. It was SAD, but really dope, a weird feeling I tell you.

The new project

Lol I just saw how much I typed, and this one is kind of long huh. Im sorry but hey you wanted a blog so Im giving it you. But ok so now that the boy can read a little I decided to buy me some Japanese mangas and read that stuff. So I read it and then try to translate it, so I can improve my Japanese, and I figured since Im doing it anyway I might as well post my translations online. So Im doing exactly that, and the manga Im starting with is Hanma Baki Son of Ogre. You can check that stuff on

Japanese Progress

Ok so last time I told you I can read one of the 3 Japanese alphabets, and I was starting the second one. So now Im here to tell you that I can read TWO of the 3 alphabets, and Im starting the third one. The third one is Kanji which has over 2000 signs, it might take me a second, but hey I can read Japanese. Holla at me.

Upcoming Ideas and Goals

The first is to go to Osaka.

The second is to go to Okinawa.

The third is to go to the Philippines.

The fourth is to Finish my damn 5th book.

The fifth is to move to Tokyo in August.

Let me ask you something

Ok so if you went to the gym you are going to attend for the first time, and you saw a cute girl/boy. Would you then tell him or her that he or she is beautiful.

I wouldn’t do it, I don’t wanna explain why. I just wouldn’t do it. A coworker of mine did, and he was all like YEAH I did that shit. All proud and stuff and I told him, that was just a dumb move. So what do you think?

Song of the month

Ok so this one is a bit of a surprise but hey I remember when I just got this album and I loved this song. So I figured I should at least share this with yall folk. And if you listen carefully you might get the hint Im trying to give you. So here is my song of the month.

T-pain – Default Picture


The End

Ok so this one is a bit longer than the other ones. But hey I feel like you can handle it now. So the plan is to visit Osaka the end of this month. Once I do, Ill take some pictures and might post me a another blog on how it was. But yeah, other than that, don’t forget to buy my books. And support Spoken Notes. That’s it Vino Venitas thanks you for reading this stuff.