Welcome to the Vino Venitas blog 2nd edition.

Ok so I’m not going to lie, this one took a second. The reason it took so long was because I wanted to make this the picture edition. But due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to make that happen so here it is anyway without the pictures. If you don’t like it, sue me and I’ll see you in court. Now as we did with the previous blog this one will also be divided into chapters, I know I know chapters again. You would almost think it’s the same dude writing these damn blogs huh. But aight here are the chapters for this blog:

–          The secrets of Japan

–          A day in the life of …

–          Story of the month

–          Poem of the month

–          The writings of a madman

–          The stuff I usually wouldn’t say

–          The End

Ok so those are all the chapters that will be filling this little second blog. Once again I’ll do my best to make it as detailed as possible so no questions will be born after reading this. I hope you like this edition as well, and as soon as I get my affairs in order I will post the picture edition.


The secrets of Japan

Ok this will be a real short chapter but I need to vent people I need to vent. Ok so in the last one I told you about the bug situation over here right. About the spiders and whatnot, well Japan has more than spiders or so it seems. I have seen insects here I swear to you I have never seen before. Not on TV, not in no documentary and DAMN sure not in real life. But here is the whole reason for creating this chapter. Ok so just like any other day I was at home chilling and I felt like getting a drink so I went to my little kitchen/hallway. And so I get near the sink and get my drink and then I turned around and I saw this black monster sitting there in the corner. Ok this monster had antennas and a body the size of my pinky (I have BIG hands people) and it just sat there. Yeah you guessed it this was a cockroach. But not the ones you know, not the little ones that you just step on or run away when they see you coming. NO NO NO, this was a cockroach on steroids that been working out for 6 months. His body was the size of my pinky and his antennas were as big as his body. So all in all he was the size of my hand. I’m telling you, I froze up for a second. My head was like man KILL that damn insect, but my body … my body was like HOLD UP. So I stood there for like 3 minutes having this staring battle with a super cockroach. To make a long story short I grabbed 2 shoes, and get into a throwing position. I threw the first one and missed him, or so I thought. But he must have been dazed cause he was going in circles so then I smashed the SHI… out of him with the second shoe. Come to find out, you’re not supposed to kill cockroaches because they could have eggs in them. And if you smash them then the eggs spread all over the place. And that creates a REAL ugly situation. But yeah that was my first roach attack. Ever since then I have been attacked by 6 other cockroaches, but people rejoice for I have survived them all. Yup the boy is a survivor, I aint NEVER going down in battle san. I got these mental war scars now man, I been to the jungle now. These cockroaches baptized me in the fires of insectness. Yeah I’m a real bad boy now, bout to get me sum tears under my eye. Yup that is a secret they NEVER tell you about when you go somewhere. But I asked people about it and they said these little bastards are EVERYWHERE. Clean house dirty house, they don’t care they are there. Yeah that is the secret of Japan I wanted to share with yall.


A day in the life of…

Ok so people seem curious as to how my days look and how I like the whole thing. Ok so first thing first I have a confession to make. For the last 10 years or so I have always said that I will never fall in love again. And here and now I will have to apologize, because I have messed up and fell in love. Yup I fell in love with like a 100 kids. Seriously these kids are SO freaking adorable it just makes me smile just thinking about them. I know I said it in the last one, but let me just repeat it and warn you that I might say it again in the next one. These kids are awesome, but ok let’s tell you how my day looks. I teach at 5 schools remember, 2 Junior High Schools and 3 Elementary Schools. So I wake up around 6 am, and get out of bed around 6:45. Get ready and leave the crib about 8 am. Drive to whatever school I have to go to, half asleep of course but still going. And then I look at my schedule and get it started, my schedule exists out of a maximum of 6 classes. I usually teach about 4 classes per day. But if it’s a slow day I only teach 2 classes, and have the rest of the day off.   But I can’t leave of course, so I just have to sit there and watch the walls and listen to people talk Japanese till my time is up. Ok so my classes’ elementary classes usually go like this:

–          Greeting the students (hello/what day is today/how is the weather)

–          Repeat what we did/learned last lesson

–          Learn some new words/sentences (repeat, repeat, repeat)

–          Play a game with the stuff I want them to learn or memorize

–          Say goodbye

Pretty simple huh, well it kind of is but you won’t hear me complaining. The coolest thing about this is, is that they learn through my accent. So that means my funny way of saying this will be passed on to at LEAST 6 generations of Japanese kids. If that is not something worthwhile I don’t know what is, kind of makes you want to do something like that too don’t it? Now as for my Junior High school classes … well there I’m really an assistant language teacher so I don’t do SHIT but stand there look pretty and repeat what needs to be repeated. Read what needs to be read, and say what needs to be said. Hey I get paid so I can’t complain, and as a side note for the people looking for something negative. I have this one Junior High school where the main English teacher is REALLY getting on my nerves. To the point that I’m close to snapping on her … now I know better than that of course but still it’s coming. Other than that when I go to school I might go in so so, like I don’t care or I just want to get the day done. But when I go to my elementary schools the kids charge me up in no time and time just flies by. I made one mistake though, which is I lifted one of the kids up by mistake. And NEXT thing I know, I’m lifting up 20 kids who think it’s fun to be lifted by a big black guy. Then when I’m done the ones who had already been, want to go again because they have been waiting on everyone else to go. Meanwhile my back is hurting and my arms are in agony but I can’t say no to their cute faces. So I just keep going until I have to leave … yeah I’m a sucker for a cute face.


Story of the month

Kissed an Angel


She stood there with manmade wings

I sat, as Brian McKnight softly sings

“6, 8, 12” similar to my dry spell

So heavy a burden that my principles fell

5 star escorts, I gave them a ring

My hand was ok but I craved the real thing

Told them my wishes, they were willing and able

Could finally release what I kept under the table

A full blown fetish I have never indulged in

Beautiful heavenly angels are my thing

With wings on their backs and no words to be spoken

Angels lack speech, a rule to never be broken

I dimmed the lights to see only her silhouette

But in our fateful room, complete darkness was set

Scared to ruin the fantasy by seeing the flaws in her face

For until the image is shattered, perfection is at my place

Her frame delicate, her scent sweet and innocent

Truly an angel from heaven was sent

The ribbon I told her to hold, now functions as a blindfold

I asked for her name but was left without a reply

Asked her what she was doing here and if she could fly

But again no response, silence remained true

She took a step into my hotel room as I asked who are you?

I stood up took steps back to enter the darkness

She followed my every step, yes I loved this

Once the dark blanket covered us I placed my hand on her hips

My heart beating twice as fast, I’m about to kiss angel lips

As our lips met, my eyes were closed and they were set to never open

Everything was sublime this moment should have never been broken

She followed me down to the bed then she fell on top of me

Our tongues twisted in a fray of a hot angelic reality

I got back on top, her wings covered the bed

I stood up to look at a vision I have never had

A angel lay in my bed waiting for me

Suddenly overcome by a sense of familiarity

But the feeling was covered by the clothes on the floor

My eyes closed again for now I crave more

Crawl back on the bed our skins touch as we start our dance

No lights, no eyes are needed for this is heaven blessed romance

… Night turns into Day …

Our bodies drenched our hearts racing

The fantasy over reality we are now facing

My eyelids open her sound is that of sleep

My grin a broad smile for my gratification runs deep

The ceiling seems brighter than the day before

The world just doesn’t seem as cold anymore

And now it’s time to behold the bringer of this shine

The angel that allowed me to leave a fetish behind

But then a feeling strikes me that must be untrue



Someone asked me to write a story to this picture like 4 months ago, and I have to be honest I didn’t know WHAT to say to this picture. But as the cap on my mind got released the words just seemed to flow out and this was written. So if you are putting down a comment let me know who you think Deb is, I’m curious as to see how your mind works.


Poem of the month

Blood Fresh Blood

My heart used to beat to the tunes of her kiss

She knitted a blanket from custom made words to cover with

She embedded me with the strength of ten men

Allowed me to achieve greatness over and over again

But now my veins run dry

Unable to see the silver lining so I don’t even try

My heart used to pound so strong that no matter how long

I would match the speed she flew with

And I dare not forget that I did it all for her

I slayed dragons she held in her past

I swam through the tears she had amassed

I had sword fights with knights who wanted her courtship

The world turned dark as the words sprung from her lip

But as her mouth touched my neck, she promised me she wouldn’t do it

I could feel her teeth sinking in but she promised me she wouldn’t do it

Her breath was a pleasant breeze that took away my fear

As I held her, the vision of my future became clear

And I knew she was a temptress, a decadent and voluptuous succubus

Illustrated through the ages, as she decorated history’s pages

She ran through my mind

Leaving only the spirit of regret behind

She sucked my blood until every last drop was gone

It wasn’t me it was love she treated wrong

She did not rip my heart out, break it or threw it on the floor

It’s still in my chest … it just doesn’t beat anymore

There is no blood to run through it

So blood fresh blood I’m craving it

Ice cubes now run where blood used too

My heart turned cold you could ice skate on it if you wanted too

I still feel her lips as she bit down

And I still remember that first slurping sound


That was a hint that she was about to begin

And as the idiot that I am I told myself it was fear listening

It wasn’t true, my ears were wrong

Told myself my blood wasn’t sweet enough to dine on

I had faith in her, trusted her

Firmly believed that this scenario wouldn’t occur

But this is the beauty of a vampire

A well-educated, well-practiced liar

It will creep into your dreams and comfort you

It will slowly let you believe that lies are true

But the vampire is never to blame

For it cannot help the fact that it inflicts pain

It doesn’t mean to hurt you or leave you without a drop of blood

Often times the vampire is just misunderstood

It feeds so it can survive not to let you die

But tonight she dined on blood that has left more than a few to cry

A beast that drank from necks he has licked clean

A monster that with a smile would enter his victims dreams

So this happening to me is nothing but karma, so I can put my anger on ice

For I promise you this won’t happen twice

I have been given my fangs back, and my eyes now hunt for prey

So all I will say is that today … yes today

I will dine and feast on something good

Yes today I will drink blood fresh blood

That once I had my fill, once I exhausted every thrill

A beat will reappear in a heart once still

I have not given up hope, have not left love behind

Even if I have no blood in me right now eventually I’ll be fine



This was a piece I wrote for a show I did which was hosted by Logos Logica. I liked this piece back then and I liked this piece now. I wanted to share this with you, because I know some of you missed this performance. Let me know what you think of this piece.

The writings of a madman

Ok since you people seem to like my blog, I decided to make this blog special and share with you the current list of pieces that have been written. In these 2/3 months here I have written a total of 88 pieces. These are poetic pieces and short stories, for the second edition of each book. Here is the current table of content for the second poetry book:

2nd Poetry Book

1.      Afro Candy.

2.      Blood Fresh Blood.

3.      I think I like her

4.      Let’s do it my way.

5.      The beauty of solitude.

6.      Craving Touch.

7.      I’m so insecure.

8.      Godfather

9.      Scattered Frame.

10.        Never ending Story.

11.        You love I.

12.        Tell the damn news.

13.        Chance after chance.

14.        It broke.

15.        They lied to me.

16.        In between breaks.

17.        Selfish aren’t I?.

18.        I never told you.

19.        Behind my eyes.

20.        Alone.

21.        Savored Taste.

22.        How to read between the lines.

23.        Guidelines.

24.        Time Untold.

25.        Sitting On ……

26.        Am I allowed to miss it?.

27.        Caught!!!

28.        My silly dreams.

29.        You wanted one.

30.        I used to be.

31.        Money issues.

32.        The greatest struggle.

33.        Convince me.

34.        Maybe it would be better

35.        I miss it

36.        The muffling of secrets.

37.        A crush.

38.        Faded Interest

39.        Learning Process.

40.        Breaking Up.

41.        Courtship.

42.        These Damn Poets.

43.        The Gates of Heaven.

44.        The Gates of Hell

45.        The mushroom cloud behind the minivan.

46.        Writers Block.

47.        How do you tell someone?.

48.        Why is it?.

49.        Before it starts.

50.        The Chase.

51.        Jessica.

52.        My Eulogy.

53.        My last words.

54.        Seriously, I’m good.

55.        I’ll do it

56.        The Devils grin.

57.        What would happen ?

And of course I also have to post the counterpart to my poetic side which are the stories. Just so you know I tried my best to kill a lot less in this book. I actually put in some effort to write some happy/lighter stuff which doesn’t involve a lot of people dying.  Don’t get me wrong now, I’m still Vino Venitas so it isn’t all roses and there are STILL people leaving this earth in a unnatural manner but its not as gruesome as the first book. So here is the list of pieces for the book:

2nd Story Book

1.      Yesterday Vs. Tomorrow..

2.      Over and Over again.

3.      Eyes in the shadows.

4.      Darkness Reigns.

5.      Who am I?.

6.      The Truest Love.

7.      A Cracked Heart

8.      Visions of the future.

9.      Can you hear it?.

10.        Standing Tall

11.        Love Lost

12.        They aren’t looking for me.

13.        Music Made Me.

14.        Heavenly Trilogy: Perfect Eternity.

15.        Why won’t you love me.

16.        Absolute Truth.

17.        Unknown Sounds.

18.        I don’t know why.

19.        They seem to love it

20.        They just keep coming, and coming.

21.        Heavenly Trilogy: Isn’t it convincing.

22.        Unspoken Miracle.

23.        Inside … Outside.

24.        Voyage.

25.        I think she loved me.

26.        Tales of Grimm Part II

27.        Christmas Eve.

28.        She held me.

29.        I swear to God..

30.        Welcome to hell

31.        It’s who I am…

32.        The lesser of two evils.

33.        Suicide watch.

34.        Once upon a time.

35.        He loved her.

36.        Tears of a stranger.

37.        The last days of a writer.

38.        A mind of caution.

39.        Wanting to be normal

40.        He is right

41.        I hate him…

42.        Evolution.

43.        Leave me alone.

44.        Passed it down.

45.        Welcome back.

46.        Must be a joke.

47.        Going forward..

48.        A Usher song.

49.        Saw it coming.

50.        Wasted effort

51.        Final cut

52.        I’ll create what I want

53.        They woke us up..

54.        A search for Purity Part I

55.        A search for Purity Part II

56.        3rd Degree Warfare.

57.        So this is it?.

58.        Smiling tears.

59.        Say it aint so.

60.        Crazy Bitch.

61.        Smiling between the lines.

62.        So I laugh.

Now that you see all the names of all the pieces, let me know which one you like the most. And I’ll post that one for the next blog, so here is your chance to choose what you want to read.


The stuff I usually wouldn’t say

Ok so I just wanted an extra chapter, I don’t really have anything special to say. I thought that when I get here I would have something to say, but I guess I don’t. So … yeah.


The End

Well I promised you another blog and here it is, I hope this lives up to your expectations. For all the people who think of coming to visit the boy let me know. I didn’t really experience anything new, I just been living life and enjoying my time in Japan trying to learn the language and hang with the folks over here. I been to the clubs a few times, and saw some fun stuff but nothing special enough to mention over here. Just know I loved the comments I got on the first one, I need a few more on this one, and don’t forget to buy the book:

Vino Venitas Poems The first Collection

Now remember if enough people buy the book I might just be able to buy me a camera and give you that picture edition I been promising. But yeah people that’s the end of it, I’ll be back once I do some dumb stuff and have me some weird things happen to me and tell you all about it.