Poem: I love Poetry

If hip hop was weed then poetry would be crack

An addiction from which you cannot come back

RnB would be alcohol, and Rock would be ecstasy

And pop would be the over the counter drugs cause it’s just so easy

And music in general would be simple cigarettes

Now picture yourself at a party filled with pharmaceutical snacks

We will dine on crack

An addiction from which there is no coming back

I myself started with simple weed

I loved it when my dealer laced my blunt with speed

He got me high to the point that I felt like I could die

Music dear music made me fly

I was on cloud nine making sky cakes

I picked down stars and put them on pancakes

Hiphop got me where I wanted to be

But then hiphop changed on me

It went from weed to grass to cronic

I kinda felt like hiphop lost it

And I used to write verses, used to grow the weed

But now it’s ruined, all ruined yes indeed

So I became sober no longer a junkie

Me and hiphop broke up, and we used to be funky

In the past I used to let me rap burn slow

But no I take quick puff … huff huff … and let it go

And I have been trying to replace weed with cigarettes and alcohol

But RnB and regular music don’t really cut it at all

But then I found something that made my spine tingle

A sensation better than hearing a dope hiphop single

I found my crack

I found appreciation for my soul ever black

I love poetry

Honestly seriously and really

Some heard about it, some even tried it

But the general public usually denies it

That is because the old version of this drug ruined the now

Poetry has grown, but most don’t even know how

Spoken Word took what hiphop dropped and ran with it

We are now the ones that give you the truth with no gimmicks

We are the ones that speak for the poor and those unable

We are the voice for the secrets swept under the table

We are the voice for the emotions that society has created

We are the few that question what the media stated

We are rebels

We tell you how we feel

No need for guntalk or hood talk to show you that we are real

We think with our minds not what the media defines

We read between the lines so many times

That we are not even reading the same book anymore

We are at the alphabets core

We are poetry

And I love poetry

It has brought me to so many places

Made me see so many faces

So many different cases

That I probably would never have seen

I hope you know what I mean

When I say I know I can write

And I will always do poetry right

If there is nothing else you will take away from what I said today

Just know that Im addicted to crack

And Im probably never coming back

I love poetry