A Poem Dedicated to yours Truly

Sometimes someone, just wants to show me that they can silence me. And this girl gave me words that literally shut me up. This poem was dedicated to me, so I felt the need to share it with all of you. Make sure you check her wordpress: Amira Day

For My Light

I start a job hopeless,
for I can never compare

to the words already spoken
to the thoughts already shared

you seem to think you are this darkness
do you even know how bright you shine?

are you aware of the light you’ve brought
to this crazy universe of mine?

the way you practice your craft
open up locked doors

can you hear the crowd?
Oh, he shoots, he scores!

yet another success story
from the palm of your hand

so in case you haven’t noticed
you represent light in my land

for the countless times you have inspired me
for your friendship

because you have saved me see?
just when I was about to jump ship

you walk on, guide me back to shore
tell me kid, there is so much more

may I return the favor?
can I for once, be your savior?

because I will do anything
to get this clear

to show you that I mean it
you are my Hemingway, my Shakespeare

everything you say is poetry
whether you rhyme or not

You are my light

when I get lost, it’s you I turn to
when at a loss for inspiration,
I need only to watch you, for

You are my light

and when future generations see my name written up in the stars
in the moment I shine brighter than ever, know that

You are my light

and the angels must have stopped whispering,
for it is silent when you speak

I am sure the devil envies all that leaves your lips
simply because it is so deep

reaches further than heaven or hell
pushes the envelope past Ok, and Well

You are my light

and when in doubt, if you can save another day
when in doubt, if you can fight off darkness a little while longer

do not worry, for you have already saved a Day
and the darkness has already been conquered

it is in your heart, in my own
but we simply use it as another tool, a stepping stone, a handle

in our world we fight alone
but always the same wars, side by side we battle

the demons of betrayal and the angels of heartbreak
with love, friendship and inspiration on our side

the dark shrinks from light,
like evil shrinks from good

I understand why you think you’re dark
because you are so bright, the darkness swarms around you

I start a job hopeless, did not think it possible
until I met you, until you joined the fight

you made me believe I can conquer the world,
paint the sky, join the stars

You are my light

It was Her

Ok now you know that I am not able to let someone give me something so beautifull, and not reply to it. So I decided to answer her with my very own poem.


She moved my pen and made it dance the tango

She spoke to my restrictions and whispered let go

Unknowingly she gracefully inspired me

Igniting a passion gently yet forcefully

No wall could withstand her might

No corner could escape her sight

She motivated me

Reflections of history shimmer through her glance

Our drive intertwined until it was declared to be a romance

This is our world

We speak through words unknown

We have dialogues with sentences unspoken

We leave common sense twisted and normal broken

My dark wants her in, my light wants her to win

My ego wants to overcome, my compassion whispers my time is done

She motivated me

Her words painted a picture on a canvas stolen from angels

Her style made books close themselves

And she … has the audacity to tell me that I am on equal footing

But mere numbers clarify for me that she is lying

But who cares … SHE motivated me

An occurrence, a miracle, a wonder an event only reserved for a few

But this is what geniuses do

They inspire to create, they leave you in a state of awe

And while certain lines will punch your jaw

A real genius leaves you seated in a chair of dumbfounded

And this is what she does to me …

She motivated me

So when my work exceeds the boundaries of reality

When my words bring gods to their knees to plea

When my pieces make the sky crumble

When my sentences dim the stars

When my titles are written with clouds

Tell the next generation it was not my fault

It was her


This is what happends when creativity meets genius. I loved writing that piece almost as much as I enjoyed reading the one that was dedicated to me. You just have to love poetry.